For any food lover,La Boqueria in Barcelona is a pilgrimage destination.

In this williamhill亚洲版blog post,I'm going to share with you some tips and information 威廉希尔网站about visiting the amazing food paradise of La Boqueria,and a few of the incredibly delicious foods that you don't want to miss trying.

Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria
Officially known as Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria

Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria

Officially known asMercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria,但通常被称为La Boqueria,this covered public market in Barcelona originallydates back to the 1200's.

Labeled as one of thetop food markets in the world,拉博奎利亚并不是巴塞罗那一个偏僻的美食之地。道路和王国最近发表了一篇关于市场历史和如何,威廉希尔网站由于旅游业的发展,它正在改变。

La Boqueria is no doubt one of Barcelona's most famous tourist attractions for some simple reasons: the fresh ingredients and cooked foods available are impressive and it's a culinary icon of Barcelona.

Market in Barcelona
The displays of all things edible are impressive

从美味的新鲜海鲜到肉类和果酱,to fruits and vegetables galore,to spices,坚果,and dry ingredients,你可以花几个小时浏览拉博克利亚多彩的人行道。

除了所有的原料外,还有几十种Tapas酒吧,and cafes and restaurants where you can stop for a delicious bite to eat.

Knowing that the market would get very busy around the lunchtime hours,我和妻子决定早上8点左右到,威廉希尔网站right as the markets opens,to try and beat the crowds.从我们酒店位于帕塞格·德·格·西亚沿线,步行到市场大约需威廉希尔网站要10分钟。



Before even walking around the market,I saw that there were some empty seats at Bar Pinotxo,one of the many legendary tapas bars within the market,位于入口附近。

We immediately sat down to have our first bit to eat at La Boqueria.从一开始我就很喜欢环境——快节奏,但是有一种个人的和友好的感觉。

They had a stack of different types of omelets and a host of different tapas you could order.Food writer克里斯托弗英语我给我发了一封电子邮件,建议我去皮诺特克斯酒吧尝尝加班佐豆子和血香肠,说是在巴塞罗那,“"冠军早餐.""

所以我点了鹰嘴豆和血香肠,plus an eggplant omelet,还有一杯咖啡。

Eggplant omelet and garbanzo beans with blood sausage

Eggplant omelet

The omelet was served with a piece of toast,rubbed with tomato and garlic (a type of toast you'll commonly eat in Barcelona).

有点油腻的煎蛋卷,but it was delicious,with creamy thin slices of eggplant that melted into the thin and slightly rubbery edges of the egg.



But the definite highlight of eating breakfast at Bar Pinotxo was the plate of garbanzo beans and blood sausage.

Now don't get turned off by blood sausage;The blood sausage was not a big chunk,但它主要是用来调味的garbanzo豆和混合,所以它没有真正给菜任何讽刺或血腥的味道。

Barcelona food guide

The garbanzo beans were creamy and starchy,血香肠增加了很多味道,and the thick olive oil wrapped it all together.


In Barcelona,the salt used on tapas was so flavorful and enhanced the food incredibly well,and the taste of the garbanzo beans and blood sausage were enhanced from the amazing use of salt.

Coffee in Barcelona

Finally,I just want to quickly mention that they know how to make some seriously good coffee in Barcelona.

如果你喜欢咖啡,你不能出错。我点了一份美式咖啡,which was strong,with the right amount of frothy coffee foam on the surface.

Total price–12.80欧元(14.04美元)

La Boqueria Market
Incredible variety and quality of fruits and vegetables


类似伦敦区市场或者曼谷的Tor Kor市场,水果的数量和种类,vegetables,在博克利亚,新鲜的食材是不可低估的。


The food filled lanes of La Boqueria

知道市场会越来越忙,I decided to make my way to the next tapas bar located more towards the back of the market.



Another well known legendary tapas bar within La Boqueria is El Quim De La Boqueria.

With humble beginnings as a small tapas bar with a single chef (you can read thefull history here),El Quim De La Boqueria has grown into one of the most popular spots in the market.


Something I loved 威廉希尔网站about El Quim De La Boqueria,关于在巴威廉希尔网站塞罗那的Tapas酒吧吃饭,厨房很小,有很多员工,但是每个人都在一起工作(而不是互相干扰),创造出令人难以置信的美味佳肴。

再一次,I knew exactly what I wanted to order at El Quim De La Boqueria: fried eggs with baby squid.

Possibly due to their fame,也可能使用优质的海鲜原料,El Quim De La Boqueria is far from cheap.And actually I had to hold back from ordering more food because you could easily wind up spending a small fortune.

所以我只点了一份主要的小鱿鱼片和一盘fried padron peppers,我在巴塞罗那爱上了它。

Fried eggs with baby squid
One of the ultimate tapas: fried eggs with baby squid

Fried eggs with baby squid


煎蛋的边缘和底部都很脆,但是里面和蛋黄上又软又流。They eggs immediately made me think of我最喜欢的曼谷煎蛋沙拉.

Delicately placed on top of the eggs was a good amount of baby squid,sautéed in their own ink,with just a light seasoning.The tapa was served in a skillet like plate.

Fried eggs with baby squid
Simple and incredible

就像加班佐的豆子和血香肠一样,though it was a simple combination of ingredients,它一起工作得非常好,烹饪得非常完美。

再一次,鸡蛋的边缘很脆,while being gooey and runny in the middle and blended together with the ink of the squid.

The baby squid were soft and tender,有点大蒜味和咸味,garnished with baby green onions.Although you pay a pretty big price,真是美味极了。

Total price– 32.05 EUR ($35.16)

Fruit and juice stall at La Boqueria

Juice and fruit stalls

By this time on this Barcelona food tour of La Boqueria,I was feeling extremely happy,but my mouth was a little bit on the salty side.

市场上总有什么东西可以挽救,我知道是时候去买一个五颜六色的水果摊了。Dozens of pre-cut cups of fruit and juice fill the bleachers of fruit shops,你可以从众多的品种中选择。

我决定喝一种我最喜欢的果汁,passion fruit.Apart from it being a little overly sweet for me,这是一剂提神剂,是所有咸玉米片的味道变化。

Price– 1.5 EUR

Rows of Jamón Ibérico


You'll have dozens of choices for things to eat when you're wandering around La Boqueria,but in addition to all the tapas you try,one thing you don't want to miss is the opportunity to sample some Jamón Ibérico.

The legs of cured ham all hang in a row,glistening in the light,and waiting to be sliced.

While many Barcelona locals would likely order some jamon to go,there are a couple jamon shops that have little cones of jamon ready to grab and eat.

A cone of Jamón Ibérico to end this food tour of La Boqueria

While I'm not usually so much into ice cream cones,this is one type of cone I'm very interested it.

Jamón Ibérico is a spectacular thing.The depth of flavor,and the chewiness that keeps releasing juices and tastes as you continue to chew,is what makes it so good.

我等了好几年才在西班牙尝尝果酱里果,and it was as good as everyone says it is.

Price- 4欧元

Watch the video



La Boqueria
Outside view of La Boqueria in Barcelona


La Boqueria是巴塞罗那著名的公共市场,如果你是一个美食爱好者,这是一个值得去朝圣的地方。

在市场上走来走去,you'll discover an incredibly quantity and variety of fresh meats and produce,来自加泰罗尼亚和整个西班牙的原料,还有源源不断的叫你名字的Tapas。

皮诺特克斯酒吧的加班佐豆子和血香肠,博克利亚酒店的煎蛋和小乌贼是我的亮点。但随着美味的食物,the combination of eating while being surrounded by the market environment gives your senses a complete Barcelona food experience.

Amazing food to eat at La Boqueria

Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria

Address: La Rambla,91,08001 Barcelona,Spain
Open hours周一至周六:上午8:00–下午8:30(周日关闭)
Official website:
How to get there:巴塞罗那是一个非常适合步行的城市,所以如果你住在市中心附近,很可能你可以步行去市场,它位于著名的步行街拉姆布拉。我和妻子住在Cotton House Hotel,大约10分钟的路程。威廉希尔网站Otherwise,它就在利兹地铁站。

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